stranger things.

Yesterday something abnormally strange happened to me. Ever since, I have been thinking extremely hard about it.

First, let me begin with explaining how superstitious I am. I tend to always keep my radio at an even number volume, my favorite number is seven solely because I see that number everywhere, and I check my horoscope every morning to predict the kind of day I will have. To a normal person, I probably sound delusional and dependant but I am not. I am just an optimistic person, who believes that within us all is a whisper. Have you ever thought of someone randomly and immediatly see that person in the next few days? Have you ever had a gut feeling that ended up being the truth? Have you ever seen someone for the first time and then the next day you see them again? So have I…

Now, I must try to explain what happened to me. For Grants birthday, my boyfriend, he wanted to go to Hooters (he claims they have the best beer and wings, very debatable…) As normal, we took Hwy 411 but this time we had to make a pit stop at a Dollar General. This was not your normal Dollar General, this one had: groceries, home decor, and hats.. I say hats because that is what caught our eye. At the same time we picked up the same hat, but both hats were in different locations. I did not think anything about it, we have been dating for two years, I would hope we had the same taste. So, I ended up grabbing what I needed – a lighter, and we went on. When we arrived at Hooters, the dinner crowd had slowed down. Leaving the building vacant. The waitress walks us to a booth, located in a corner near tv seven.. Where we ordered our food, and shared many laughs. As always, I observed the resteraunt and Grant enjoyed his pitcher of beer. While looking around I hear someone say, “Excuse me, miss?” As I begin to search for the body of the voice, an older man approached our table. He had been sitting across from us, alone. The man started with asking if we were married, we laughed and told him not yet, but maybe one day. The older man began to tell us that he approached us because I reminded him of his daughter. After talking for near five minutes he closes with telling Grant, “Don’t change her, and don’t let her change you.” At this point, I was already confused. Why was this man giving us relationship advice after five minutes of knowing us? Finally, our food came and that was all I could think about. Until, I notice this man getting up to leave.. I begin to look at the characteristics of him: black jacket, at Hooters alone (possibly a creep), and then…the same exact hat Grant and I both picked up at Dollar General. I immediatly kicked Grant to check it out, and at the same time both of our mouths dropped.

As I sit here, a day later. I am just as baffled. Sure, it may have just been a coincidence. Personally, this was a significant detail in my life. Grant and I never go to Hooters, I have never been in that Dollar General, and that man had on the exact same hat that we picked up.  Although, I may not know that mans intentions, he was placed into my life for a reason. I ponder on what he meant by that quote, “don’t let her change you, and you don’t change her.”  This was not just something that happens. This is what I call a whisper within. Maybe it was fate, or maybe eventually everything connects.


The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes


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