The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Each and every morning I try to keep the same routine. Most of the time I will: wake up, make coffee, and walk out the door. However, that is not all I do. In fact, I love mornings. How awesome is it that we get to decide our own mood and pick it out morning? Very awesome, if you let it be. By making a routine, each and every morning can be the start to a great day.  Here is how I start my day!

When I wake up to that dreadful alarm, I walk straight towards the shower. I like to smell fresh and clean going into each day. My favorite body wash right now is, Enchant Forever by Caress. I have found this body wash leaves a phenomenal fragrance smell all day.


After my shower, I make a pot of coffee. I am not sure if coffee actually helps me wake up or if I have just drunk it for so many years that it has stuck. Either way, I never start a day without it. I have found my favorite creamer to be, White Chocolate Raspberry by International Delight. The raspberry adds a fun kick to it, but also the white chocolate really accommodates my needs (I hate chocolate).


When my coffee taste to perfection. I then start, actually getting ready. I love washing my face and following it with moisturizer. If you are like me, and have dry skin. Then please consider this moisturizer. It keeps my skin fresh all day. It is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. It has a natural smell which is important for sensitive skin.


After I spend time putting on my make-up and clothes. I read my horoscope, and surf the web. With these three nescessties my morning is almost always perfect. Not all mornings have to be awful. It is important to find ways of making the early hours more relaxing. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the morning should also be the most important time of the day!


The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes


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