Puppy Love

 My whole life I have preferred dogs over people. I find dogs a better companion. Anytime I go somewhere and I see a dog, it’s a must i go get some lovings. Let’s be real, dogs give the best kind of love.

Recently, my boyfriend bought me a dog and not just any dog… Weighing in at eighty plus pounds, with loads of loose skin, and a smile that will awaken your heart, my sweet Jayne. Jayne is a bloodhound, and has an innocent soul. When Grant brought Jayne home, she was skin and bones. All she wanted to do was sleep, and would barely eat. She seemed depressed and uncertain. Little did she know, her life was about to change forever!


Jayne on her way to The Land of the Misfits


Let me side note that my Grants house is known as, The Land of Misfits. Simply because, he brings home a new dog every month. Mostly boys, and all hounds. Therefore, we figured The Land of the Misfits is exactly where Jayne belonged. Grant’s favorited dog, Jed, is a blue tick. Jed has always been mellow and favorited. Therefore, Jed does not like to share. Every dog at Grant’s, knows not to get in Jed’s space. Unless, your name is Jayne.


The handsome Jed

Ever since Jayne and Jed met each other, there was a change in both of them. Jayne has gained every bit of weight back that she needs (the happy love weight) and always has a smile on her face. For Jed, well he now shares his space, willingly, with Jayne. Jayne adores Jed, and I think Jed has a crush on her as well. The two go together almost as if they were made for each other.


Puppy love!!!

It hurts my heart when people say dogs do not go to Heaven. Personally, I think my dogs have more of a soul & personality than most people. With hopes that one day all the dogs I have loved along the way, will appear into my life again. Dogs are much more than a pet, they are family. Who else would wait around on you all day, and automatically start going crazy when they see you?! I will forever be thankful for the love my dogs and other dogs, have put in my heart. You may think a dog is just a part of your life, but remember you are a dogs life! Love your puppies not just on Valentine’s day, but everyday.


The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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