My not-so baby sister, McKinley, turns twelve this year and that also means she will be starting middle school. Lately all she talks about is, middle school this and middle school that. Almost as if it was the real world. I like to let her believe that it is a phenomenal experience and that she will love it… Maybe if I actually told her the truth about middle school she would not be as excited. Considering, it IS the three most awkward years of woman hood (I am not sure if that is a thing).


Here are some things I wish I had known about middle school..



Ok.. I know you are so excited. You just turned twelve, and your mom is starting to let you wear make-up. BUT, do not do it. No to the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a BIG no to the face make up. I say this because, chances are you do not match the color and you do not apply it correctly!! Also, not only is your skin so youthful, but you more than likely will regret the make-up choice in the pictures you look at later on (as seen above). Trust me, when you get into high school, and have to put it on everyday.. you will be thankful you were in no rush.



don’t let this happen to you

LOL, but seriously. Bras are the worst thing ever. Hold off on a bra for as long as you can. There is nothing fun about your back hurting 24/7 or having to find a color that does not show through your shirt. Also, how terrible the lines can be through a tank top.



With this day and age, almost everyone has a profile somewhere online. That being said, a lot of people know what you are up to. If you are like I was, you will update your status every time you move. Do not do this. Refrain from updating the world on your every move. It is not only annoying, but also embarrasing!



I remember being twelve and waiting for the day I turned sixteen. Sadly, when I turned sixteen I had wished I was twelve again. Life is not a fairy tale, and things are not free. Right now, you are at the easiest point in life. Having someone to take care of you, and the simple problems that are easily solved. Life already goes by too fast, and sooner than later you will be older wishing for life to slow down. Enjoy childhood because adulthood is much more serious and less fun.

Always have fun in life. Enjoy the awkward years, and make sure you embrace it. At twelve years old, it is ok to be free and immature. Hug your parents, love your friends, and respect your education. Do not waste your time wishing it away. For we all wish we could turn back time.


The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes


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