Fire On The Mountain

Poem about my hometown & the wildfire in 2016..

Home to me is filled with mountainous trees,

on November 26th, boys began to play with the breeze.

They struck a match,

not thinking this could burn the whole Appalach.

We smelt the smoke,

hoping this was joke.

Shortly after, we saw the gray clouds,

and the sirens began to get really loud.

The whole town started screamin’ and shoutin’,

“hurry evacuate, there’s a fire on mountain.”

Homes began to burn,

leaving people with questions like, “I’m not sure where to turn?”

Families, dogs, and cats began to flee,

leaving each other and themselves without anything but a memory.

The town began to melt and crumble,

causing a humongous rumble.

Families were split up and some forgotten,

after telling each other, “We will meet up at the bottom.”

We weren’t allowed in the park,

and certainly not after dark.

It took weeks to get us back on our feet,

but we made the homecoming so very sweet.

Businesses and locals started to show up,

giving Gatlinburg, TN a glow up.

Our home is built on mountains and love,

no matter if the push comes to shove.

We help each other out,

because that’s what a community is all about.

We remember the ones who sacrificed their lives,

telling this story to husband and wives.

We are Smoky Strong,

and we know where we belong.

We tell our tourist don’t play with matches,

because we have so little patches.

We pray their won’t be a next time,

so don’t commit this horrendous crime.

Don’t play with sparks,

no where near the parks.

Next time you think to play with fire,

remember it is not a desire.





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