What is This Downside, That You Speak Of


After I let you in on a secret, please don’t hate me because this secret will consume all of your time!! Ok, so I have almost finished season 6 of Shameless, and that is a huge accomplishment. I tend to give up on tv shows or movies, BUT Shameless has changed my ways. If you haven’t seen the show yet, don’t fret. There is still time! I love this show for many reasons. A few include: the families lifestyle, the story line, and all the actors/actresses play phenomenal roles.
The Gallagher’s, are far from your normal tv family. In most story lines, it is about an average family, if not your wealthy family. Unlike the others, The Gallagher’s grew up with drug addict/alcoholic parents. I like how they portray the hardships of the children & addicted parents. I also think this awesome, because it brings awareness to children growing up in rough places. It gives you an inside look on the real problems that families may face.

In most episodes, one of the Gallagher’s have a problem and somehow at the end they solve it. Regardless, if it’s family that helps or just their pure wild souls that fix it. This is important for me especially, because I hate when tv shows leave me guessing. Shameless does not, it always ends an episode with a solution. That is what got me hooked.

The cast play their roles almost as if they are these people in real life. Frank plays an amazing role. My thoughts on Fiona’s character, really vary with the episode, I sometimes get annoyed with her ways. My favorite character is, Debbie. I think she is hilarious and mean, which makes for the perfect combo. All the others are great as well.

I hope you take it into consideration to watch Shameless. Like I said, it can consume a lot of your time but it is so worth it. I would love to hear about your thoughts and opinions on this show!! Please leave me some comments. 🙂

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