Concert Synopsis

Some of my greatest  memories are created by music, and certainly concerts. I enjoy a wide variety of music, which makes it easy to find entertainment. My hometown is minutes away from downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville is full of entertainment, and the ideal spot for live music. I have attended concerts from local bands to legendary musicians. Here is a synopsis of a few concerts I have attended.


I will say, this is the only song I knew when I bought the tickets to see the show. Corey Smith, not only has a phenomenal voice but an incredible band. This concert was no disappointment, especially when he sounded just like this! I give this concert a 8/10 simply because I did not know many songs. Great job, Corey!


After his recent songs, my love for Luke has died down. I think his songs are a little corny now, but I have been to three of his concerts. Therefore, I have to give some credit where credit is due. Luke is okay in concert (last time I saw him, he fell off the stage) but I am starting to think his looks are what got me. He is still attractive, but his songs are a little too much for me now. Luke Bryan the first time I saw him: 7/10. Luke Bryan last time I saw him:5/10. Something you will have to see for yourself!


If that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your ass. That is the honest truth, David Allan Coe never disappoints. This concert was at a club in Knoxville, and I met some of the most unique people. Of course, a great crowd makes a great concert. A great voice, makes a party. This concert was a 9/10. I would without a doubt see him again.


He may be 83, but I have the biggest crush on Willie Nelson. This is my ultimate favorite song, and his concert will FOREVER be a legendary memory. I was astonished when I heard him, but when he started playing solos on his guitar, I was blown away. If you ever, ever, EVER have the chance to see him. YOU MUST. This concert was a 11/10.

I have a list full of other musicians I want to see. I would love feedback on concerts you have been to!


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