CRAFTING a little.

Have you ever started picking up your room, and then say, “okay, I am going to rearrange some things!”?  Well, I just caught myself saying that at 10:30 p.m. on a Monday night (I am normally asleep by 9:30). Anyway, the idea started with the new Life WTR bottle. It has a very eccentric design on it that has my mind thinking of all the unique things I can make out of it. Therefore, I sat down in the midst of my room being torn apart and starting pinning other things I can make. Currently, an hour later I am still trying to MacGyver any possible thing. Along with creating a Hobby Lobby/Goodwill list for tomorrow.



The middle one is the one that I have. I have cut the round top part off so it is a straight tube, giving me more room to work with. Since the bottle is clear and has a unique colorful design, I am torn between two options. I could put a salt lamp at the top of it, creating a one of a kind night light. Or, with today being the first day of Spring, I could make it a flower vase. I will honestly probably buy more just so I can create random pieces when I am bored.



My favorite past time ever is to paint or draw on a canvas. I have no experience what so ever, but sometimes I can surprise myself. Mainly because I have been known to give up halfway through things- hints why my rooms a wreck, and I am blogging. When I do have that creative hair in my body, I do like to pursue for however long it may last. So, if boredom ever hits: run out and buy a cheap canvas and draw/paint whatever you are feeling that day. It is a cheap project that keeps you entertained and adds your personal touch to the wall.



I purchased this lamp at a flea market four years ago. The man I bought it from makes all different kinds from whiskey bottles to a watering can. I am a little extra when it comes to them, but you can literally make them out of ANYTHING. That is what I love about lighting. This project itself is probably items all around your house, costing you nothing for a bold table piece. (side note: cutting the glass may be difficult :/ )

POT- not that kind


This is my next project. If I did not think there was a chance of getting kidnapped at Wal-Mart right now, I would be making these. I can not keep a plant alive for more than a week, but the awesome thing about these terrariums…they do not die!! Woo hoo, no responsibility for a responsible decoration. The most expensive thing about this project, is probably the $4 jar of choice. OR, use an old jelly jar or fish bowl!



This craft is a little more complicated, utensils and time consuming. I think it is worth it, these coasters would cost near $25 at any known store. With your own creativity and imagination, it could cost no more than $8. I have yet to do this yet, but it is my coming up craft.

I enjoy spending my time crafting or making something a decoration. I hope to one day be able to knit. I would make all of my clothes, so if you have any pointers or tips on knitting/sewing please leave some comments!


The Girl With The Kaleidoscope Eyes


One thought on “CRAFTING a little.

  1. This is such an awesome post! I love the creativity you put into this! I have been wanting to make a terrarium forever! I suck with keeping plants alive too so hopefully I can keep a terrarium in good shape!


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