Dream Life

Today my horoscope read, “There’s no place like home. Where would you go if you were to click your heels three times (Dorothy on Wizard of Oz)? If you cannot leave physically to get there, then at least visit it in your imagination. Find your happy place, and follow the path.” Being a pisces, I day dream a whole lot. Today, I am going to share my happy place in forty years.

I say forty years, because my next biggest milestone is my sixty year old self. Lets be real, what is better than being retired, having your life figured out, and just rolling with the punches.

My dream location is Townsend, Tennessee. If you have visited before, you would know it is not much. It is generally only visited on tourist way into The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Townsend has one grocery store, approximately three gas stations, and little knick knack/ antique stores all along the road. Typically, there are vendors selling fresh fruit and ripe vegetables on the side of the road.

With a beautiful landscape of mountains and The Little Pigeon River running through it, I would want a cozy home.

My house would be a small, but accesible cottage. My cottage include a sunroom, and skyline lighting. The back porch would be the hot spot. I would have a bed swing, along with rocking chairs, where I could drink my coffee in the mornings and watch the sunrise over the river.

My occupation in Townsend would be…

At sixty years old, if I do not have a antique store or my own booth in a Flea Market… Then, I have failed myself. I want to make crafts and sell them at local events. Eventually, I will find my niche in crafting and hopefully it will become profitable.

It does not sound like much, but I find joy in the simple things. Hopefully, this dream comes true, but it is not all reality. As long as I have a healthy family, many animals, and an incredible husband, I will be content.


The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes


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