Spring Has Sprung

AHHH, the feeling of waking up to a warm day. What is more promising than a day full of sunshine? Nothing – because with sunshine, comes less clothes. I am talking no more stress of trying to find a jacket to match my outfit or the painfully cool breeze causing an irritable attitude. Yep, SPRING. The calm before the storm, the blistering hot storm. With that being said, it is time to peel the thick layers off and prepare for a lovely season.

In the Spring, I tend to make Summer clothes. I become so anxious, I jump ahead. I think, “Well if I cannot wear it right now, I can at least make it.” Therefore, my Spring is spent at Goodwill browsing for some ideal shirts or shorts.


These shorts cost me $3 in all. I purchased the jeans for one dollar the flea market, the patches from Walmart for $2, and I called it a deal. Personally, I do not like my shorts very short so I tend to buy high-waisted jeans and cut them up to the length I feel is appropriate. I also love patches, I think they add personality. This project is fun, and super simple. Also, incredibly affordable compared to name brand clothing!



I’ve said it once and I will say it again.. Overall’s are a MUST this summer. They are casual and can make for a cute outfit. Overalls are just as easy as shorts. Just cut to the appropriate length, and consider it done. Generally, overalls cost around ten dollars at a goodwill. I am guessing because people actually wear them to work in, but the ten dollar is well spent for basically a two piece!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

A really easy way of making a t shirt look more casually nice (step above t-shirt casual), is by cutting it and adding some string or shoe laces! Very simple, just cut the collar, go to the middle (the top of front) and cut down to choice of length. After doing that, cut small holes on each side of the split, find a shoe string, and start lacing it up! Does not take much time or money.


shirt lynard

Bleaching black tops is becoming a trend. I mean, I think it is pretty cool. This is so so so simple. Find a cute black top, preferably old. Do not damage a nice shirt for this. Then, add however much bleach you please and BOOM. Now, you can consider yourself a rocking millennial!

These are my spring projects for summer. It is always  fun to wear your own creation. I highly suggest making a wardrobe! It is super fun, and very cheap.


The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes


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