L <3 V E

Netflix added a new tv series called, love. After watching two seasons in three days, I have an idea where the title came from. The show, Love, is my NEW number one favorite.

Love is about a couple, that obviously love each other… BUT it is not your average cliche. The producers took a more realistic take of relationships.  The movie summary describes it as a, “down-to-earth relationship” and that is what it is.

The shows main woman character is, Mickey. Mickey is a bad ass, rebellious, beats to her own drum, but she is also dating a no good man. She works for a radio station, and battles addiction of alcohol, drugs, and sex (the perfect story, right?). All while her life is going up and down, she runs into a very nice guy..

This nice guy is, Gus. Gus is perceived to be a affectionate, harmless, over nice guy. Obviously, his characteristics have allowed girls to take advantage of him. But Gus is over it. He, becomes less of a nice guy and more of a ladies man.

Gus and Mickey also have friends in the show, that make it even more realistic with relationships.

This show is a whirl wind of emotions. I have laughed, screamed, and cried. Love is honestly a show like I have never seen before.

I recommend this show 10/10. If you have not seen it yet, I strongly encourage watching it!!


The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes



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