Luck Of The Irish

Well, today is St. Patrick’s Day and it is only necessary I dedicate this blog my dream/magical place. No, not Disney World..but Ireland. I had the opportunity to travel around Europe my junior year in high school. One of my stops was Ireland and to this day, I still tell my family to spread my ashes down there. I wish I could go into detail about my trip, but it would do no justice. Here are a few pics from my dream place. Oh and in case you are wondering, everything is greener in Ireland.


P.S. Before visiting Ireland be sure to know that your liver will never be the same afterwards!


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Concert Synopsis

Some of my greatest  memories are created by music, and certainly concerts. I enjoy a wide variety of music, which makes it easy to find entertainment. My hometown is minutes away from downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville is full of entertainment, and the ideal spot for live music. I have attended concerts from local bands to legendary musicians. Here is a synopsis of a few concerts I have attended.


I will say, this is the only song I knew when I bought the tickets to see the show. Corey Smith, not only has a phenomenal voice but an incredible band. This concert was no disappointment, especially when he sounded just like this! I give this concert a 8/10 simply because I did not know many songs. Great job, Corey!


After his recent songs, my love for Luke has died down. I think his songs are a little corny now, but I have been to three of his concerts. Therefore, I have to give some credit where credit is due. Luke is okay in concert (last time I saw him, he fell off the stage) but I am starting to think his looks are what got me. He is still attractive, but his songs are a little too much for me now. Luke Bryan the first time I saw him: 7/10. Luke Bryan last time I saw him:5/10. Something you will have to see for yourself!


If that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your ass. That is the honest truth, David Allan Coe never disappoints. This concert was at a club in Knoxville, and I met some of the most unique people. Of course, a great crowd makes a great concert. A great voice, makes a party. This concert was a 9/10. I would without a doubt see him again.


He may be 83, but I have the biggest crush on Willie Nelson. This is my ultimate favorite song, and his concert will FOREVER be a legendary memory. I was astonished when I heard him, but when he started playing solos on his guitar, I was blown away. If you ever, ever, EVER have the chance to see him. YOU MUST. This concert was a 11/10.

I have a list full of other musicians I want to see. I would love feedback on concerts you have been to!

Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker. Liquor Before Beer, You Are In The Clear!

Luckily, spring break starts next week. With all the great things included in spring break, we tend to forget the not so great things. Like, how incredibly bad the next morning is after being out all night. No, I’m not talking about the sleep deprivation.. I am talking about the horrendous hangovers that come with all the fun!!

Here are some tips for before and after drinking!



Maybe this is the reason alcohol adds so much weight. It is KEY to eat before you start drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach does not lead to anything but ending up on the floor passed out in your own vomit (I would not know). A life hack I learned, from an older lady at a restaurant. Fries, yes fries. Fries are potatoes, which seem to soak up all the alcohol. They are also greasy, making your stomach settle better with alcohol. Side Note- they are one of the better things to bring back up.

Rest Up


Sleep is not only important everyday, but especially before you drink. I must sleep, or else I become cranky and no one wants to be around a cranky drunk. So even if it is just a hour of sleep before, rest it up.



This goes for both, before and after. It helps prevent headaches! Which can happen while drinking and after drinking. I choose Ibuprofen, simply because that is what I grew up on. Tylenol and Advil work the same!



I like to start with Gatorade. Typically, because water and other drinks just do not go down as well. It has so many electrolytes in it, that it gives you some hydration. Of course, this will not cure the whole problem. It is just a great start, plus it is super refreshing.



So, not only is it fun to spell out. It also is fun to eat when you are hungover. Bananas have a lot of potassium, which drinking takes out. By eating a banana you lower your chances of nausea! Plus it is one food that is probably guaranteed to have, if you are at the beach or home!

Of course, these are just a handful of my favorite tips. There are hundreds of thousands more ways to prevent an awful hangover. I would love to know your favorite tips! Please leave comments. 🙂


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What is This Downside, That You Speak Of


After I let you in on a secret, please don’t hate me because this secret will consume all of your time!! Ok, so I have almost finished season 6 of Shameless, and that is a huge accomplishment. I tend to give up on tv shows or movies, BUT Shameless has changed my ways. If you haven’t seen the show yet, don’t fret. There is still time! I love this show for many reasons. A few include: the families lifestyle, the story line, and all the actors/actresses play phenomenal roles.
The Gallagher’s, are far from your normal tv family. In most story lines, it is about an average family, if not your wealthy family. Unlike the others, The Gallagher’s grew up with drug addict/alcoholic parents. I like how they portray the hardships of the children & addicted parents. I also think this awesome, because it brings awareness to children growing up in rough places. It gives you an inside look on the real problems that families may face.

In most episodes, one of the Gallagher’s have a problem and somehow at the end they solve it. Regardless, if it’s family that helps or just their pure wild souls that fix it. This is important for me especially, because I hate when tv shows leave me guessing. Shameless does not, it always ends an episode with a solution. That is what got me hooked.

The cast play their roles almost as if they are these people in real life. Frank plays an amazing role. My thoughts on Fiona’s character, really vary with the episode, I sometimes get annoyed with her ways. My favorite character is, Debbie. I think she is hilarious and mean, which makes for the perfect combo. All the others are great as well.

I hope you take it into consideration to watch Shameless. Like I said, it can consume a lot of your time but it is so worth it. I would love to hear about your thoughts and opinions on this show!! Please leave me some comments. 🙂

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Fire On The Mountain

Poem about my hometown & the wildfire in 2016..

Home to me is filled with mountainous trees,

on November 26th, boys began to play with the breeze.

They struck a match,

not thinking this could burn the whole Appalach.

We smelt the smoke,

hoping this was joke.

Shortly after, we saw the gray clouds,

and the sirens began to get really loud.

The whole town started screamin’ and shoutin’,

“hurry evacuate, there’s a fire on mountain.”

Homes began to burn,

leaving people with questions like, “I’m not sure where to turn?”

Families, dogs, and cats began to flee,

leaving each other and themselves without anything but a memory.

The town began to melt and crumble,

causing a humongous rumble.

Families were split up and some forgotten,

after telling each other, “We will meet up at the bottom.”

We weren’t allowed in the park,

and certainly not after dark.

It took weeks to get us back on our feet,

but we made the homecoming so very sweet.

Businesses and locals started to show up,

giving Gatlinburg, TN a glow up.

Our home is built on mountains and love,

no matter if the push comes to shove.

We help each other out,

because that’s what a community is all about.

We remember the ones who sacrificed their lives,

telling this story to husband and wives.

We are Smoky Strong,

and we know where we belong.

We tell our tourist don’t play with matches,

because we have so little patches.

We pray their won’t be a next time,

so don’t commit this horrendous crime.

Don’t play with sparks,

no where near the parks.

Next time you think to play with fire,

remember it is not a desire.





  My not-so baby sister, McKinley, turns twelve this year and that also means she will be starting middle school. Lately all she talks about is, middle school this and middle school that. Almost as if it was the real world. I like to let her believe that it is a phenomenal experience and that she will love it… Maybe if I actually told her the truth about middle school she would not be as excited. Considering, it IS the three most awkward years of woman hood (I am not sure if that is a thing).


Here are some things I wish I had known about middle school..



Ok.. I know you are so excited. You just turned twelve, and your mom is starting to let you wear make-up. BUT, do not do it. No to the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a BIG no to the face make up. I say this because, chances are you do not match the color and you do not apply it correctly!! Also, not only is your skin so youthful, but you more than likely will regret the make-up choice in the pictures you look at later on (as seen above). Trust me, when you get into high school, and have to put it on everyday.. you will be thankful you were in no rush.



don’t let this happen to you

LOL, but seriously. Bras are the worst thing ever. Hold off on a bra for as long as you can. There is nothing fun about your back hurting 24/7 or having to find a color that does not show through your shirt. Also, how terrible the lines can be through a tank top.



With this day and age, almost everyone has a profile somewhere online. That being said, a lot of people know what you are up to. If you are like I was, you will update your status every time you move. Do not do this. Refrain from updating the world on your every move. It is not only annoying, but also embarrasing!



I remember being twelve and waiting for the day I turned sixteen. Sadly, when I turned sixteen I had wished I was twelve again. Life is not a fairy tale, and things are not free. Right now, you are at the easiest point in life. Having someone to take care of you, and the simple problems that are easily solved. Life already goes by too fast, and sooner than later you will be older wishing for life to slow down. Enjoy childhood because adulthood is much more serious and less fun.

Always have fun in life. Enjoy the awkward years, and make sure you embrace it. At twelve years old, it is ok to be free and immature. Hug your parents, love your friends, and respect your education. Do not waste your time wishing it away. For we all wish we could turn back time.


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Puppy Love

 My whole life I have preferred dogs over people. I find dogs a better companion. Anytime I go somewhere and I see a dog, it’s a must i go get some lovings. Let’s be real, dogs give the best kind of love.

Recently, my boyfriend bought me a dog and not just any dog… Weighing in at eighty plus pounds, with loads of loose skin, and a smile that will awaken your heart, my sweet Jayne. Jayne is a bloodhound, and has an innocent soul. When Grant brought Jayne home, she was skin and bones. All she wanted to do was sleep, and would barely eat. She seemed depressed and uncertain. Little did she know, her life was about to change forever!


Jayne on her way to The Land of the Misfits


Let me side note that my Grants house is known as, The Land of Misfits. Simply because, he brings home a new dog every month. Mostly boys, and all hounds. Therefore, we figured The Land of the Misfits is exactly where Jayne belonged. Grant’s favorited dog, Jed, is a blue tick. Jed has always been mellow and favorited. Therefore, Jed does not like to share. Every dog at Grant’s, knows not to get in Jed’s space. Unless, your name is Jayne.


The handsome Jed

Ever since Jayne and Jed met each other, there was a change in both of them. Jayne has gained every bit of weight back that she needs (the happy love weight) and always has a smile on her face. For Jed, well he now shares his space, willingly, with Jayne. Jayne adores Jed, and I think Jed has a crush on her as well. The two go together almost as if they were made for each other.


Puppy love!!!

It hurts my heart when people say dogs do not go to Heaven. Personally, I think my dogs have more of a soul & personality than most people. With hopes that one day all the dogs I have loved along the way, will appear into my life again. Dogs are much more than a pet, they are family. Who else would wait around on you all day, and automatically start going crazy when they see you?! I will forever be thankful for the love my dogs and other dogs, have put in my heart. You may think a dog is just a part of your life, but remember you are a dogs life! Love your puppies not just on Valentine’s day, but everyday.


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